Our Parking Services

Car Park Enforcement

Our resources include mobile enforcement services, to issue parking charge notices, automated number plate recoginition and mobile ticket machines...

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ANPR Parking Management

We offer a wide range of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solutions and integration options. From fixed car park cameras to mobile road fund licence enforcement, our systems have been designed for Reliability, Accuracy and Affordability.

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Mobile PCN Capture and Management

Accuracy, Speed and Evidence are all crucial factors for the efficient issue and enforcement of Parking Charge Notices...

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Our Security Services

Retail Security

Front line deterrent against shop theft.
• Store Detectives
• Uniformed Security Officers
• Shopping Centre Security

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Static Security

Prevention of crime on commercial property.
• Airport Security
• Premises Security
• Electronic check points

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Parking Enforcement

Car park enforcement services. Our resources include mobile enforcement services, to issue parking charge notices..

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CCTV Operators

Keeping a close watch to protect your business.
• Full licensed operators
• Data protection
• Enhanced C.R.B

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Specialist Protection

Highly trained operatives for specialist situations.
• Personal Protection
• Hospital Officers
• Close Protection

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Event Security

Security of Indoor and Outdoor events of any size.
• Festival Security
• Wedding Security
• Sporting events

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Door Supervisors

Male and female Licensed door supervisors.
• Licensed Supervisors
• Customer care
• Professional Personnel

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Operations Management

Should the need arise, we can provide your site with experienced operations managers who can assist in the day to day running of your site or cover any absence or holiday periods...

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