Fixed ANPR

Our fixed ANPR systems are currently deployed with a number of reputable parking management companies. Our aim is to provide high quality and cost effect ANPR equipment and services.

Guardian Midi

All ANPR systems can be integrated into our revolutionary Back Office Server offering a full end to end ANPR Management suite linking Camera Systems to Kiosks,  pay by phone and Pay on Foot facilities.

The Guardian Midi is our system for completely outdoor applications. It is comprised of a control unit and wired cameras which can be deployed up to 100 m for the control unit. The Control unit and cameras are IP67 rated and can be deployed on either wall or pole mounts. Each control unit can support up to four cameras. For large sites, systems can be linked to provide coverage from multiple entry and exit points.

Applications for this system include:

  • Car Park Management
  • Private Land Management
  • Site Security
  • Bus Lane Enforcement
  • Congestion Charge
  • Open Road Tolling
  • Traffic Management

ANPR Fixed multisite link graphic

Guardian Rackmount/Desktop

For indoor locations such as data rooms and security offices. The system is available in rackmount and PC form. The Guardian Rackmount is designed to fit into a 19” standard rack. It can support up to 4 cameras in a low 1U profile.

The Guardian Desktop is the same form factor as a traditional desktop PC. It can be fitted with a monitor and a mouse. This allows the operator to manually carry out changes to whitelists and search records. Alternatively, when connected to the internet, these systems can be updated through the ANPR Management Back Office Server

Applications for this include:

  • Barrier Entry Systems
  • Site Security
  • Asset Management
  • Border Control

Guardian Forecourt

Guardian Forecourt is a state of the art ANPR system designed for garage forecourt owners. The system allows incoming vehicles to be registered on entry and will alert attendants to new users. Petrol attendants can then verify the customer has a means to pay. Regular trusted customers can then be added to the whitelist preventing further alerts. Customers who don’t pay can be added to a blacklist. These vehicles will be flagged up informing attendants to verify or deny service.

For petrol station chains, the information can be relayed into a back office solution. This will allow information on regular users and potential problem customers to be shared automatically. This information can be published to station or chain owners for analytical information such as visit times.

ANPR Guardian Forecourt Infographic

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