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Guardian Overwatch

ANPR Guardian Overwatch

Misusing parking spaces, parking on yellow lines and hatched areas can be a real problem for other motorists as well as land/carpark managers. Implementing these terms and conditions has until now relied on foot patrols which only provide a provisional cover with manning costs.

The Guardian Overwatch provides the first of its kind 24/7 coverage employing integrated CCTV and ANPR to cover problematic areas and uprooting parking issues. Images are collected with date time stamps correlating with ANPR captures for positive vehicle identification and evidence of contradiction duration. The Guardian Overwatch provides flexible parking management for unconventional applications such as yellow hatched areas in car parks, double yellow lines and bay disapline.

Guardian Baywatch

ANPR Guardian Baywatch

Reserved parking spaces in city areas are an expensive investment for commuters. These parking spaces are often abused by other motorists forcing the allocated users to find alternative spaces making them late for meetings and incurring additional costs.

The Guardian Baywatch uses a high quality colour camera which covers a particular bay or group of bays. The cameras are positioned to allow clear vehicle identification and report the parking duration. All images gathered are date time stamped and provide sufficient evidence for PCNs to be issued.

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